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    World Before The Flood



    *   Special Pre-Sale Price – 4/29/2024 – 8/07/2024   

         (discount will be applied at checkout)

    *  Purchase 1 – 5 or books for $25.00 each

    *  Purchase 6 or more books for $22.50 each 

    *   Book Official Release Date – August 6th 

    Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters & The World Before the Flood

    Have You Ever Wondered Why Jesus Mentioned ‘the Days of Noah’ in Connection to the Last Days? Jesus said to His disciples — and He’s saying it to us today: “…As the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be” (Matthew 24:37 NKJV). In Rick’s newest book on this topic, he sheds light on the days of Noah in such depth and detail, you will be astounded by what you learn about the dark days on the earth just before the Flood and how they are relevant to us today.

    Endorsed by many ministers, authors, and broadcasters — including Rodney Howard-Browne, Bob Yandian, Joni Lamb, Gabe Poirot, Larry Sparks, Troy Brewer, and Joseph Z — Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters, and the World Before the Flood — How the Events of Noah’s Ark and the Flood Are Relevant to the End of the Age features:

    • More than 500 pages in 16 chapters
    • More than 300 photos and illustrations
    • More than 300 endnotes
    • A fascinating “story behind the story” of Noah’s Ark that
      you will want to read again and again and share with loved
      ones and friends!

    Topics include:

    • The prophetic genealogy of Adam to Noah — their lives
      were a message!
    • How Methuselah’s life was a prophecy of God’s patience
      and longsuffering.
    • Who the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” in
      Genesis were.
    • The identity of the watchers whom God assigned to guard
      mankind after the Fall.
    • What early writers recorded about the fallen angels and
      their evil offspring.
    • What God’s promise in Genesis of 120 years really meant.
    • Where the Ark came to rest after the Flood.
    • Evidence that ruins of the Ark are visible and can be
      visited today.
    • What happened when Noah and his family finally
      exited the Ark.
    • And MUCH MORE!


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