Christmas — The Rest of the Story
In this book, Rick Renner unfolds the story of Jesus’ birth as a Babe in a manger as you’ve probably never heard it before. Using Scripture and documented historical writings, Rick reveals in-depth:

• the angel’s message to Mary.
• the dreams God gave to Joseph.
• the day of Jesus’ miraculous birth.
• Christ’s early years fleeing from Herod with His parents.
• the reason God came to earth clothed in human flesh.

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In this fifteen-part series, Christmas – The Rest of the Story, Rick Renner dives deep into the parts of the Christmas story that most people have never heard. Rick says, “I’ve studied this story for decades, and I found fabulous treasures no one ever shared with me. In this series, we explore the Bible, history, historical writings, and so much more, so we can really understand all the events that took place surrounding the birth of Jesus!”

Get ready to discover the real purpose of Christmas and rediscover the awe and wonder of the greatest miracle the world has ever known! Click here to purchase.



Nothing’s Going To Stop Your Limitless Supply!

The Word says that God gives every one of us a unique and vital supply to help us do our part in His great plan (Ephesians 4:16). But we also have an enemy that wants to stop our supply through any means possible.

In her book Unstoppable, Denise Renner brings fresh insight from God’s Word on how to overcome key hindrances that the enemy exploits to clog up our supply — whether it’s fear of man, rejection, unforgiveness, other people’s negative opinions, or even our own poor opinion of ourselves. Click here to purchase.

Be Unstoppable!

Are you tired of getting stopped by the negative voices and opinions that seem to paralyze you along the way? Fear, offense, and negative opinions can have a stifling effect on your life. It’s time for you to push them out of the way and become unstoppable!

Denise opens up and shares how she overcame profound negativity in her own mind so she could do what God wanted her to do with her life. As only Denise can do, she talks about the lies the devil spoke to her mind and emotions and what she had to do to uproot, silence, and become absolutely free from those lies. Click here to purchase.


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