Denise Renner — Biography

Denise Renner is a mentor to women, an author, and a classically trained vocalist. Alongside her husband Rick Renner, Denise spent more than a decade ministering in the U.S. before moving in 1991 with their young family to the former Soviet Union where they began their international ministry.

Since that time, Rick and Denise have proclaimed the Gospel throughout the vast region of the former USSR, including Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia where they founded churches that are thriving to this day. With television, satellite, and Internet platforms combined, the ministry of Rick and Denise reaches a potential audience in the millions in both hemispheres of the world.

Denise resides in Moscow with her husband Rick, where they remain involved in the daily life and ministry of the Moscow Good News Church which they founded, a congregation that continues to grow and impact Russia’s capital city for Jesus. In the Moscow church, Denise directs a large women’s ministry, mentoring and training hundreds of women in her marriage seminars. Each year she also ministers to hundreds more at her large annual event in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

Whether in historic concert halls, local churches, or conference rooms, Denise still regularly ministers in music, using her remarkably gifted voice to bring Christ’s burden-destroying anointing to those in need of His touch.