Dear Friend,

I am writing to you today to let you know that the Good News Channel (GNC) is doing well! We are continuing to inject the Word of God into the airwaves and into people’s homes and lives through this channel! We are currently renting a studio for filming GNC content — but soon, we’ll be remodeling our old RENNER Ministries studio into a brand-new studio for the Good News Channel!

Getting our own space to use for the Good News Channel studio was so needed — it will save us so much money once we make the transition and don’t have to pay for leased studio space that other people also use for their secular projects. Once this new space is renovated, it will not only save us funds, but it will also give GNC its own unique, recognizable look!

Below are before photos of the space that will be renovated into the Good News Channel’s TV studio.

Fully renovating this studio space will cost approximately $250,000, and promoting GNC in order to get the channel into as many millions of homes as possible will cost millions of dollars. But regardless of these financial hurdles, we know from the Lord that our first step is to build and renovate the new Good News Channel studio. And that’s what we’re doing by faith — believing that the Lord will provide for us as we follow His lead in this new endeavor!

As we start making progress on the new Good News Channel studio, we will continue to send out updates so you can see what your prayers and your giving are doing! But today, I ask that you keep us in your prayers as we continue to spread the Gospel and bring it into people’s home and lives so they have the opportunity to receive Christ like you and I have received Him.

If you have given toward helping us fulfill the plans God has for GNC, we want to extend a big THANK YOU! Together, we are making the Gospel increasingly available to lives of people who are hungry for it. If you haven’t given toward this project yet, please pray and consider joining the giving team so we can continue spreading the Gospel to as many people as possible!

If you would like to join the giving team, click the button below.


God bless!

Joel Renner