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    Are you hungering for more of God?

    Daily reading of the Word of God is the only way we as Christians can stay sensitive to the Spirit and avoid sin or wrong attitudes in our lives. It is important that we do not allow time with God to slip away from us. I pray this Bible reading plan and additional resources will benefit you greatly as you daily pursue your relationship with the Lord. 

    The year-long plan covers every day of 2024. It is written to start on January 1 and finish on December 31, but you can start the plan anytime throughout the year and begin to work your way through the entire Bible. You may also choose to just read at a pace that works for you and your learning style. 

    You will also find a 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge. This challenge is designed to help you start the habit of daily Bible reading before beginning the year-long plan. There are other resources and worksheets included to assist you as you work toward the habit of daily time with God.