Thank You for Your Support of GNC TV!

After decades of having it in my heart to operate a satellite network to broadcast Russian-speaking Christian programs 24/7 worldwide, in 2019, I sensed it was time to pursue this vision. Soon afterward, an amazing door was opened to us, and in 2021, we began operating such a satellite network — the largest of its kind — that has existed since 2000. We renamed it the Good News Channel (GNC), and we are preparing to launch a full line of programming from well-known ministers around the world. 

This is a big commitment, so we’re “writing the vision” to share our new God-given assignment with you. Like any endeavor in the Kingdom of God, no one can do a big job like this alone. THANK YOU for becoming a member of the giving team that will help millions grow solidly in their new lives in Christ. Please pray as we INFUSE the Gospel into the lives of millions of precious souls who need this sound teaching in a language they can understand. In this short video, I further explain this new outreach of RENNER Ministries.

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