Denise and I want to say THANK YOU for all your sacrificial giving and for being such a vital part of our giving team! Phase I of our Ministry Expansion Project has enabled us to construct a large portion of the new TV studio in Moscow — the foundation, the roof, all the walls, doors, and windows — and even the heating system! And all of this phase is completely paid for!

Also in Phase I, we were able to close on our new U.S. headquarters in Tulsa. We have now secured this facility thanks to the generous support of our giving team, and we are believing God to pay it off in full very soon!

We are now in Phase II of this expansion project in Moscow and Tulsa. We need to finish the interior of the new television studio in Moscow so that we can move in and begin filming up to seven programs

every day. Soon we will have sets, cameras, editing equipment, and production space in place to move forward in our assignment to preach the Gospel and bring trusted teaching to the uttermost parts of the earth!

As I told you before, it’s not about buildings. It’s about having space to create solid, Bible-based programming that will change people’s lives — and space from which to minister to the increasing number of people God is sending us, who are reaching out for prayer and resources to keep them established and strengthened on a foundation they can build their lives on victoriously.

If you are not already a part, I’m asking you to please pray about becoming a part of the giving team to finish Phase II, which entails completing the interior of the Moscow TV studio. We understand the value of money, so we are very careful with every penny and every dollar you give. And Denise and I and our team are praying for God to magnificently and massively multiply your giving back to you again.

Thank you for what you have done so far as a member of this Ministry Expansion Project giving team!

Rick and Denise Renner