Dear Friend,

Recently, we told you about the mandate we believe the Lord placed on our hearts as a ministry to develop the Good News Channel and take the Gospel via television to as many homes as possible in the Russian-speaking world, and we’re doing it!

We are working on developing the Good News Channel every day. You can watch our channel, GNCTV, by clicking here. While the Good News Channel is in Russian, we wanted you to be able to not only hear about the work we’ve been doing but also to see the fruit of our labor!

We’re receiving testimonies daily from people telling us how much this channel has brought light into their homes — the precious light of the Gospel message! If you would like to become an important part of spreading the Gospel to the Russian-speaking world, click the button below!


Developing the Good News Channel is a huge task, and we believe God has given us this assignment and will bless it as we fulfill His will for RENNER Ministries. We hope this update about GNC brings you joy and offers a look into how this channel is bringing the Gospel into people’s homes.

God bless!

Joel Renner