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Ten Guidelines To Help You Achieve Your Long-Awaited Promotion!


Rick Renner

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Ready For a Promotion?

Do you want to lead in life? Lead in your job? Lead your co-workers?

You can learn to lead today with Rick Renners book – Promotion!

To be a leader, you dont have to be perfect, but you must be willing to grow! In this book, Rick answers the hard questions about the often-misunderstood subject of leadership, and how you can develop the critical character traits you need to get a Promotion!

Each chapter Rick reveals the keys and questions for personal growth, as well as a comprehensive acid test for leadership.

In this book, youll learn:

  • the 10 Keys every leader must apply to be successful and to build an
    unbeatable team and how to mentor promising leaders so they become
    top-notch producers who please God.
  • the significance of the standards you keep and the relationships you hold.
  • the non-negotiable traits that determine if you or someone else is ready to progress in rank, position or influence.
  • practical ways to achieve your desired success.

Whether your seeking advice on when, how, and who to promote — or you want to hold a leadership position — Promotion! prepares you for leadership. Get your copy today.

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