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    Rick Renner

    In stock


    NEW SIZE: 9.5″ x 7.25″

    “This is the most important book I’ve ever written. It has completely transformed my life. I believe the truth it shares has the power to transform yours as well.”

    — Rick Renner

    Step into the world of the First Century Church

    Rick Renner creates a panoramic experience of unsurpassed detail to transport you into the ancient lands of the seven churches of Asia Minor. Within the context of this fascinating — and, at times, shocking — historical backdrop, Rick outlines challenges early believers faced in taking the Gospel to a pagan world. After presenting a riveting account of the apostle John’s vision of the exalted Christ, Rick leads you through an in-depth study of Jesus’ messages to the churches of Ephesus and Smyrna — profoundly relevant messages that sill resonate for His Church today.

    Rick’s richly detailed historical narrative, enhanced by classic artwork and superb photographs shot on location at archeological sites, will make the lands and the message of the Bible come alive to you as never before. Parallels between Roman society of the First Century and the modern world prove the current relevance of Christ’s warning and instructions.

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