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    Denise Renner

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    Step Away From the Shadow of Shame!

    Shame is a prison that fetters the mind as surely and securely as any chain could bind the body — but Jesus Christ died to loose the bonds of sin and set the captives free! In her book, Redeemed From Shame, Denise Renner shares the liberating truth that regardless of whatever hurt, pain, lies, or disappointment have produced shame in your life, you can be set free from the prison of shame once and for all.

    Through her own moving testimony, Denise points you to the One who bore every emotional wound you could imagine so you could be free. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled against the bondage of shame or why shame entered your life in the first place. Your freedom has already been purchased, and total healing and deliverance is available to you right now! Your answer will not come through analyzing past problems, but by lifting your eyes toward the Redeemer who already bore your sin, sickness, and shame and has set you free by His own blood.

    You don’t have to hide under the shadow of shame anymore. Order your copy of Redeemed From Shame, and let the light of truth lead you into a life of liberty and peace — forever!

    Book Details
    Book size: 4″ x 6″
    Page count: 65

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