Joel Renner — Biography

Moving to the former Soviet Union with his family at the age of two, Joel Renner has spent his entire life in the ministry. Alongside his father, he has been involved with nearly every aspect of the ministry’s daily operations. For a number of years, he even worked in Media Mir, a branch of RENNER Ministries that was founded in the ‘90s and focuses on bringing Bible-based teaching to people in their native language. Joel has a background in finance, and he has also attended the highly esteemed Moscow State University.

Today Joel is the CEO of RENNER Ministries. He brings his practical insight to everything he does, serving the Lord daily and faithfully living out biblical truths. Recently, Joel has been sharing what God has taught him through the ministry’s Teaching You Can Trust blog. Joel and his wife Olya reside in Moscow, Russia, with their two sons Mark and Daniel.