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    Rick Renner is the author of more than 30 books, including the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek 1 and 2. His understanding of the Greek language and biblical history opens up the Scriptures in a way that enables readers to gain fresh insight from Gods Word. Rick is founder and president of RENNER Ministries, based in Tulsa, and host to his TV program aired around the world in multiple languages.

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    How To Be Filled and Refilled
    With the Holy Spirit!

    Does your heart cry out for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit that will renew you and fill you with new spiritual power?

    From time to time, every Christian needs to be refilled with the Holy Spirit. Even if you were filled with the Holy Spirit earlier in your Christian life, there is much more awaiting you than you’ve ever experienced. Why stop at a past experience when a whole ocean of spiritual power awaits you?

    And if you’ve never experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit, this divine encounter will transform you into the Christian you’ve always wanted to be. Knowing what the infilling of the Spirit is, what it produces in your life, the evidence of this infilling, and how to be filled or refilled with the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for you to be the powerful believer you desire to be.

    In this series, let Rick scripturally walk you through all these vital truths and lead you to a place where you can be filled or refilled with the Holy Spirit today!

    In this 5-Part teaching, Rick covers:
    •    Two Works of Grace for Every Believer
    •    The New Testament Pattern for Being Filled With the Holy Spirit
    •    TONGUES — What Is It All About?
    •    The Benefits of Being Filled With the Spirit
    •    The Supernatural Role of the Holy Spirit in Your Life

    Each program includes an informative introduction filmed on location in western Turkey, in which Rick explores the ancient city of Ephesus and takes viewers on a fascinating visit to the South Road, Philosophers Square, and the renowned School of Tyrannus. The illustrative teachings in this series will help you understand: two works of grace available for every believer; the New Testament pattern for being filled with the Holy Spirit; the supernatural role of the Holy Spirit in your life; the benefits of being filled with the Spirit; and what tongues are all about!

    Series includes (1) Study Guide. Additional copies can be purchased for group study.

    Companion Study Guide

    A five-lesson study guide (included with program series purchase) corresponds to “The Infilling of the Holy Spirit” teaching. Each lesson in this study guide covers a topic that is addressed during the program series, with questions and references supplied to draw you deeper into your own private study of the Scriptures on this subject.

    Each study lesson includes:

    • Greek Word Definitions
    • Lesson Synopsis
    • Lesson Emphasis
    • Lesson Main Points
    • Study Questions and Practical Application

    This 32-page Study Guide is suitable for personal or group study.

    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
    Digital Products (USB, Digital Video, and Digital Audio) include a Digital Study Guide (PDF format).

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