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    Rick Renner

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    Who is the Holy Spirit to You?
    (4-Message CD Series)

    When you understand the position, attitude, and desire of the Holy Spirit, you will then comprehend the power, quality, and scope of the help He brings to every believer.

    The final words Jesus spoke to His disciples were about the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus described the Holy Spirit as another Comforter a Helper who would be identical to Him with one exceptional distinction: The Holy Spirit would be sent to live in us, not just with us as Jesus did when He physically walked this earth.

    Through the Person of the Holy Spirit, the power of God is present to help you in whatever way divine assistance is needed. However, as One called alongside to help, the Holy Spirit requires your participation in order to help you know and do God’s will for your life. In this 4-CD series, Rick Renner will teach you how to take full advantage of the Holy Spirit’s ministry to you!

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