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    Jesus Wants You Healed and Made Whole!

    There is nothing in the heart or the will of God that wants you to stay sick or in pain. He doesn’t use sickness or infirmity as a means to teach you a single thing! In fact, God sent His Son to bear the punishment for every sickness and disease known and unknown to man so that you could live strong and disease-free all the days of your life.

    This is what author Denise Renner wants you to know with the same certainty that you know you are a child of God. She states, “I wrote this book so that through the power of the Holy Spirit, God can use the words contained in these pages to paint this eternal truth on the canvas of your mind and heart: Jesus is your Healer! When that happens and you claim that spiritual reality as your very own, you will receive all the magnificent power that is extended to you through the horrible beating and crucifixion Jesus endured for you.”

    The Father’s compassions of healing and wholeness have already been poured out. They are yours for the taking! The simple but profound truths found in Jesus Is Your Healer will equip you to believe for and walk in the divine health that is already yours in Christ!

    Chapter titles include:

    • The Delivering Voice of God
    • Hope Pushes Through to the Miracle
    • The Power of Forgiveness
    • The Power of Controlling Your Emotions
    • God Has a Miracle for You!


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