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  • The One Who Is Inside You in the Storm – Denise Renner


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    You Are Never Alone

    Do you believe Jesus died and rose again and that through faith in His finished work on the Cross, you’re saved? If so, then why not also believe He’s your Healer who heals all your diseases? Likewise, why not believe He’s your Provider who will provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory? 

    All these promises are in God’s Word, so why not exercise your faith, take hold of His truth, and begin to proclaim that you’re going to the other side of the storm just as He said?

    In this 5-part series, The One Who Is With You in the Storm, Denise Renner will focus on the following topics: 

    • The Storm Stopper Lives Inside You!
    • Don’t Forget Who Is in Your Boat
    • The Peace Within You Is Powerful
    • God Can Turn Bad Into Good
    • Can Jesus Touch the Despair of the Human Heart?

    Yes, the storms of life will come, but you will never have to face them alone. Dive headfirst into this teaching and come up assured that whatever the storms look and sound like, you will make it to the other side!   

    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
    Digital Products (USB, Digital Video, and Digital Audio) include a Digital Study Guide (PDF format).

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