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  • Who Stole Cinderella?


    Denise Renner

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    The Art of ‘Happily Ever After’

    In Who Stole Cinderella?, Denise Renner shares why “happily ever after” is not a gift for a selected few, but rather an art that anyone can master who’s willing to learn. With genuine warmth and candor, Denise recounts the journey of her own struggles in marriage and the unique insights she learned along the way to attaining emotional health and happiness. Your life will be enriched by the biblical wisdom Denise imparts and the originality with which she sheds light on your path to happily ever after and shows you right where to begin again if you’ve lost your way.

    Even if the clock shows “past midnight” in your marriage, don’t give up on your dream of experiencing a happy ending. Cinderella and Prince Charming are not lost — they just need to be rediscovered God’s way!

    This teaching — like precious pearls — has been obtained by diving into the deep to learn of God and His ways over the course of many years. It is yours for the reading — but believe me when I tell you that it has cost Denise extravagantly.

    — Rick Renner

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