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    Unlikely — Autobiography by Rick Renner



    UnlikelyOur Faith-Filled Journey to the Ends of the Earth

    In his autobiography, Rick Renner intimately shares his life story to provide a far-sighted view of how our smallest decisions can lead to something big if we’ll stay determined to fulfill God’s purposes.

    Although Rick has traveled the world and accomplished the impossible in lands affected by years of communism, his beginnings were small and his calling was attacked to the core. A misfit by all observations, his prospects were grim — unlikely — that he would ever fulfill what his soul was crying out to do.

    But you will read how Rick challenged his hopelessness and overcame his fear of failure by finally placing his wholehearted yes in God’s hands to do His will no matter what. Then just when everything appeared to be going right for the Renner family, God made His biggest request of all, asking Rick to uproot his wife and children from their secure life in the U.S. and move to the Soviet Union!

    What happened next is a story you won’t want to miss. Flying in unsafe planes, circumventing opportunists and thieves, and dealing with deficits of food, fuel, and heat during harsh winters, Rick and his family were gloriously and, at times hilariously, delivered time and again so they could deliver the message of hope God had sent them to give.

    Life can be a thrilling adventure when you give God your yes and “buckle up” to receive Heaven’s directive for your life. Get ready to read a true-life story that will stir your faith to launch out and experience your own adventure — you have an unlikely story too!


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