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    Rick Renner

    In stock


    In this 14-message collection, Rick Renner shares transforming insights and illustrations that will help you grow and develop in your relationship with God and people, as well as learn how to overcome betrayal, anxiety, complacency, and fear so you can move forward and attain the destiny God ordained for you!

    Messages in the Rick’s Picks Collection include these audio teachings:

    •     How To Have Peace in Your Relationships (2 messages)
    •     How To Respond When You’ve Received the Judas Kiss (6 messages)
    •     Building Right Foundations (1 message)
    •     How To Set Your Thoughts on Things Above (1 message)
    •     Are You Backslidden? (1 message)
    •     Casting Your Cares (1 message)
    •     Faith To Change Your Generation (1 message)
    •     Useable in the Hands of God (1 message)


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