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    Rick Renner is the author of more than 30 books, including the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek 1 and 2. His understanding of the Greek language and biblical history opens up the Scriptures in a way that enables readers to gain fresh insight from Gods Word. Rick is founder and president of RENNER Ministries, based in Tulsa, and host to his TV program aired around the world in multiple languages.

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    A Life Ablaze

    Do you struggle to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in your heart as it may have burned earlier in your life? Do you sometimes feel like all that is left are a few small glowing embers — and that perhaps even those embers are starting to die out and become cold?

    How do you stoke the embers of the fire within you so that those flames begin to burn red-hot in your heart again? Once you have that fire burning hot and bright, how do you sustain and grow the intensity of that inner fire for the rest of your time on this earth?

    In A Life Ablaze, Rick teaches you about the ten different kinds of fuel you need to stay spiritually ablaze for years to come. As you learn about these fuels, you will discover how to throw them into the fire in your heart so you can keep burning spiritually.

    Topics include:

    • What is the real condition of your spiritual fire right now?
    • What to do if your spiritual embers are about to go out.
    • What to do to help others whose flames are burning low.


    Title available in these digital formats:
    Kindle | Nook | iBooks (May be available at future date)

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