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  • God is On Your Side – Denise Renner


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    God Is On Your Side

    Have you ever wondered if God really knows what you’re going through, or if He cares about your daily needs? God not only cares for you immensely, but He also wants you to rely on Him so He can empower you to live the life He has designed for you. He is not against you — He is on your side!

    In this series, Denise Renner will show you that waiting on God releases His power and strength into your life, and by relying on Him, you can accomplish even more than you could do on your own.

    With God on your side, you can run your race of faith with endurance — even in the midst of the most challenging situations. Don’t wait to dive into this teaching today!

    In these five lessons, Denise teaches on the topics:

    • Is God Too Busy To Help Me?
    • Is There Help for Me To Get My Strength Back?
    • Is It Possible To Fly Higher?
    • Endurance Is the Holy Spirit With a ‘Thumbs Up’


    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
    Digital Products (USB, Digital Video, and Digital Audio) include a Digital Study Guide (PDF format).

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