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    Foundation Bundle

    Each of us is building something with our lives, but what we are building is our choice. Ephesians 4:1 says to walk worthy of our calling — and we are all called to serve the Lord. But the choice is ours whether what we are building is good and profitable or if it has no eternal value. A vital part of building a life with eternal value is having a strong foundation. Knowing what we believe protects, strengthens, and guards our lives — and gives us a foundation and a future. Rick Renner is passionate that every believer should know the basics of faith and have strong a biblical foundation.

    In this bundle, you will receive:

    • The Will of God — the Key to Your Success, paperback book
    • The Holy Spirit and You, paperback book
    • Build Your Foundation: Six Must-Have Beliefs for Constructing an Unshakable Christian Life, paperback book

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