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    The Apostles Creed

    Every week churches around the world quote the Apostles’ Creed — but they often don’t stop to really think about what they’re saying or what the words mean.

    So for many years, Rick wanted to teach every single point in the Apostles’ Creed to help people understand these powerful truths. Finally, it’s done.

    Rick says:

    “The Apostles’ Creed contains the non-negotiable tenets of the Christian faith. And by studying every point and backing it up with teaching from the New Testament, this series will really anchor believers in what they believe. I studied intensively for this series, and it’s like a banquet set on the table for anyone who wants to pull up a chair and partake of these powerful truths. I’ve done all the work for them!”

    Enjoy this free download of the Apostle Creed today!

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