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  • Taming the Tongue and Discerning the Real Source of Revelations


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    It’s Time To Tame Your Tongue!

     Who controls you — you or your mouth? If you’re tired of your mouth running all the time and saying things you later regret, it’s time for you to learn how to tame your tongue. And if you’re also trying to discern if what you’re hearing on the TV and Internet is right or wrong revelation, it’s high time for you to know how to figure out if you should eat or reject what you’re listening to.

    In this five-part series, Taming the Tongue and Discerning the Real Source of Revelations, you’ll learn:

     How to start letting the Holy Spirit tame your tongue.

    • How to use your tongue to help and not hurt.
    • The biblical evidence to prove a so-called revelation comes from a wrong spirit.
    • The biblical evidence to prove a revelation has its origin in Heaven.


    Let Rick Renner take you deeper into the book of James to reveal spiritual truths that will help you submit your tongue to the Holy Spirit and develop spiritual maturity, wisdom, and meekness along the way.

    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
    Digital Products (USB, Digital Video, and Digital Audio) include a Digital Study Guide (PDF format)

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