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    Tour Smyrna With Rick!

    Among the seven churches addressed by Jesus in the book of Revelation, the congregation of Smyrna suffered the worst. This dark and perilous city was the backdrop of intense suffering by the believers in the Early Church. But Jesus was well aware of their faithful works, even in the midst of intense persecution.

    In the series, Take a Tour With Rick: Smyrna, Rick Renner walks you through the expansive archaeological sites of ancient Smyrna, a city now known as Izmir, which sits on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Stroll along the Roman Road, the Seaside Port, and the Meles River. Discover the ancient agora, the theater and stadium of Smyrna, and Mount Pagos. There’s so much to see and even more to learn about in this notable city.

    This five-part documentary-style visual series is both a feast for the eyes and a wake-up call for the soul. Follow along as Rick explores the rich history of this formidable city and its application to our lives today as overcomers in Christ.

    * Images used in these programs have been used with special permission or through a paid license. Please direct general questions regarding attributions or copyright information to Thank you!


    *     No study guide available for this series

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