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    Hundreds of Quotes…
    Decades of Experience…
    at Your Fingertips!

    Has your mind ever buzzed with questions about the Bible that you couldn’t find answers for? Have you wished you had a resource to turn to for quick answers to life’s perplexing problems?

    With nearly 50 years of ministry experience, prolific author Rick Renner shares hundreds of his own comments and quotes on hundreds of topics to bring you helpful advice on how to answer life’s questions with God’s wisdom and live a committed life in Christ.

    This comprehensive resource is sure to answer long-held questions and bring insight to a wide variety of topics. Whether you’re looking to deepen your personal study of the Bible or you’re interested in what Scripture has to say on a particular subject, this book is fun and easy to use and is sure to be an invaluable addition to your Christian library.

    Features include:

    • 1,780 alphabetically arranged comments and quotes by Rick on more than 400 important subjects.
    • Easy-to-navigate pages.
    • Counsel at your fingertips to meditate on and apply to your life!


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