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    Our Healing Covenant: God’s Promise for Divine Health

    In the year 1380, John Wycliffe started the movement to produce an English version of the Bible. Since then, there has been some 1,500 English translations developed. Many of those translations were minor updates to previous translations, some were complete plagiaries of other people’s work, others were frivolous (Klingon translation, anyone?), but many were great scholarly works that the author spent much of his or her lifetime developing.

    Man’s ability to express the greatness of the Lord within the confines of natural languages will always be limited. The Lord has gifted great scholars throughout the span of Biblical history with the grace to pull out nuances of the scriptures contained in ancient languages. Each generation seems to be able to produce new translations of the Bible that progress our understanding of the Lord and His desire for humanity.

    Having reviewed nearly 1,000 Biblical volumes, this book takes the topic of divine healing and presents verses from every book of the Bible from multiple translations to advance the reader’s faith for their own healing. The result is verses from 430 translations spanning the years 1534 to 2019. Carefully selected versions of each verse bring clarity and insight to the topic of divine healing in a way not possible from teaching messages alone. Bible translations long lost to time have been brought back to life to help build faith in the doctrines of divine healing and long life.

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