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    “…And He Will Give You Another Helper…”  John 14:16 AMP

    When faced with life’s difficulties, do you long for a personal coach to guide you? Do you feel inadequate, even powerless to achieve what God has asked you to do?

    You can experience the same inseparable union with the Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus during His earthly ministry!

    In My Spirit-Filled Day, Rick Renner, renowned Bible teacher and student of the Greek, shows you how to escape a powerless Christian life. This interactive journal includes thought-provoking questions that will engage your heart and mind to go deeper with the Holy Spirit.

    Through 30 insightful devotional entries, Renner unveils from the Greek text the purpose of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. His teaching will help you…

    • Understand the workings of the Holy Spirit.
    • Discover how to receive divine guidance.
    • Exercise spiritual power and authority.


    Experience a life with close fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and see your life flourish under His favor!

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