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  • How to Heal the Sick – PDF Study Guide


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    How To Heal the Sick – Free PDF Study Guide

    Have you desired to lay your hands on the sick and see them be healed? Have you tried to do it but felt disappointed with the results? If that describes you, then we have good news!

    Many years ago, Rick and Denise Renner felt the same way. So Rick dove into the Gospel to discover how Jesus healed the sick. From that time on, the Renners have seen multitudes of people healed, and now Rick is sharing what they learned in this valuable PDF study guide How To Heal the Sick.

    In this PDF study guide, you’ll learn:

    • The types of sicknesses Jesus healed
    • The methods Jesus used to heal the sick
    • The use of “therapy” in the healing ministry of Jesus
    • Healing belongs to anyone who believes
    • Healing IS in your hands


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