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  • Last Days Survival Guide – PDF Study Guide


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    In this in-depth 15-part PDF study guide, Rick shines a spiritual searchlight on 25 characteristics of a last-days society described by Paul in Second Timothy 3. You’ll discover what the phrase “perilous times” really means and how a self-absorbed, “me” generation will set the stage for the deterioration of marriages, families, and the very fabric of society. And you’ll learn how God’s Word is the ultimate remedy for navigating these times and for guarding your loved ones from being harmed by the spirit of the age.

    Rick will teach you:

      • What the word “perilous” means.
      • How society is prophesied to go berserk on many levels at the end of the age.
      • How the legal, educational, and entertainment systems will become armed against the righteous.
      • How to navigate this end-time storm.


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