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    ‘Is This Spiritual Experience Really From God?’

    It’s a question many are asking, especially in these last days when dreams, visions, and new revelations seem to abound.

    In his book Testing the Supernatural — How To Biblically Test Visions, Dreams, Revelations, and Spiritual Manifestations, Rick Renner carefully and scripturally lays out how to tell what is and isn’t the voice of God and what is and isn’t a true manifestation from Heaven.

    Providing “litmus tests” for determining right from wrong spiritual manifestations, Rick shows you how to carefully discern what you’re seeing and hearing — and what others around you say they’re hearing and seeing too.

    Learn to “perk up” your spiritual ears so you can fortify yourself in the truth and not fall prey to spiritual deception!

    Topics and titles include:

    • Testing False Apostles
    • Four Questions You Must Ask
    • Initiative Belongs to God
    • Forbidden Ways To Receive Revelations
    • How God Speaks
    • Bible Ignorance — the Basis of Deception
    • When Error Is Mingled With the Truth
    • Testing the Fruit of Your Experience
    • Divinely Granted Experiences Always Glorify God
    • And more!

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