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    Rick Renner

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    Finish Your Course


    In the DVD Finishing Your Course, Rick Renner encourages you not
    to quit until you complete what the Lord told you to do. Rick explains
    that you — like the apostle Paul — can choose to tap a fresh supply of
    the Spirit that will enable you to forget the past, move forward to
    achieve greater fruitfulness, and obtain the prize of finishing your
    course with joy!In his inimitable way, Rick vividly describes the infamous Mamertine
    prison. The apostle Paul endured the putrid stench of decaying bodies
    and rat-infested sewage around him as he hung chained to a wall in
    Mamertine. Yet it was in that miserable, dark dungeon that Paul wrote to
    the Philippians: Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice.

    Despite his surroundings, Paul chose to tap a fresh supply of the Spirit
    which enabled him to forget what was behind him so he could reach ahead
    to ultimately finish his course with joy! He came out of prison to live
    the most productive years of his life because he refused to give up or
    quit until there was nothing left on the list of all the Lord had asked
    him to do.

    So get your eyes off the past. Place your focus on the Lord, receive a
    fresh blast of His boundless might, then reach for what Hes told you to
    do, The Holy Spirit will help you forget the past and get the job done
    so you can joyfully cross the finish line to obtain the prize reserved
    just for those who finish the race!

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