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  • Build Your Foundation: Six Must-Have Beliefs for Constructing an Unshakable Christian Life


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    You Need a Foundation That You Can Build Your Life Upon!

    Many Christians have a limited understanding of basic Bible doctrine, and this lack of knowledge breeds frustration and robs them of many blessings that belong to them as believers. Often they find themselves stumbling in the same areas over and over, missing out on the vibrant Christian life they know they should be experiencing. 

    In this book, Rick Renner puts these frustrations to rest as he guides the reader through the six basic doctrines every believer should know so that he can build his life in Christ on a solid foundation of Scripture and sound doctrine. Rick teaches: 

    • Repentance — what it is, what it isn’t, and how to do it.
    • What is saving faith?
    • Three baptisms in the New Testament.
    • What is the laying on of hands?
    • The doctrines of resurrection and eternal judgment.
    • A transplant that will save your life.
    • The missing link in many churches today and how it is affecting the whole Body of Christ. 

    What you will learn in these pages will help lay a foundation underneath your life — or fortify the foundation that has already been laid — so that you can live the life of fulfillment and contentment in Christ that God intends for you.

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