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    In stock

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    Book of Jude Bundle

    Short yet powerful, the book of Jude contains tools to arm you with the knowledge of the tactics the enemy is using to wage war against the Gospel in the last days and how to overcome them, remaining strong and faithful. In this 4-part bundle, Rick Renner takes you through the insight Jude gave the Church concerning problems that were already appearing in his time as well as problems that are occurring in the Church today. Regardless of every attack against the Church, God has ensured our absolute victory, and this book of the Bible is a divine key to help us navigate these unprecedented days.

    In this bundle, you will receive the following series in DVD or CD Format:

    • Earnestly Contending for the Faith (5-part series)
    • The Apostate Church — Apostate Ministers and Apostate Believers (5-part series)
    • Mockers in the Last Days (5-part series)
    • How To Build Up Your Most Holy Faith (5-part series)


    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide

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