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  • Because the Lord is My Shepherd – Tony Cooke


    In stock


    The Twelve Blessings of an Empowered Life

    No matter the challenges, troubles, or losses you may face in life, you have a hope that will not be denied summed up in five simple words: The Lord Is My Shepherd. These words from the cherished 23rd Psalm are why you are never alone, never without help, and never without hope!

    In Because the Lord is My Shepherd…, respected author and teacher Tony Cooke explores the meaning and significance of the 12 powerful blessings of following the Great Shepherd:

    Provision  •  Rest  • Peace  •  Restoration  •  Guidance  •  Security
    Comfort  •  Sustenance  •  Anointing  •  Abundance •   Confidence  •  Union

    Book Details
    Book size: 4″ x 6″
    Page count: 114

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