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    Women Are Powerful and Influential!

    Women are powerful and influential. But, what kind of power and influence they have depends on what they have inside their hearts. For example, the Bible tells us of women like Jezebel — she was a woman who had no touch of God in her heart and used her influence to destroy her husband, her sons, and her nation. 

    But the Bible also gives examples of women who were godly, supportive, creative, and who helped deliver a nation and further the Kingdom of God!

    In this amazing ten-part series Ten Powerful Women with Rick and Denise Renner, you will learn about:

    • An unnamed woman who changed history
    • A woman God radically changed
    • A woman who saved her nation
    • A woman who was delivered of demons by Jesus
    • A woman who gave her living room to Jesus
    • A woman preacher in the New Testament

    This powerful series will help you — whether you’re a man or a woman — embrace all God wants you to be so that you can influence those around you for good! It starts from the inside out!

    Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
    Digital Products (USB, Digital Video, and Digital Audio) include a Digital Study Guide (PDF format).

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