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    Rick Renner

    In stock


    Dressed To Kill

    Are You Winning, Losing, Standing Your Ground or in Retreat?
    Does your life feel like a battle? Are you winning, losing, standing your ground or in full retreat?
    Scripture warns that Christians will have to stand and fight in spiritual battles waged against them by unseen forces. This means you must be ready to combat the enemy using spiritual weapons of war. In this book, Rick answers the hard questions about the often-misunderstood subject of spiritual warfare.

    This comprehensive study on spiritual warfare:

    • Is a beautifully bound 500-page book, including 16-pages of full color illustrations.*
    • Reveals how the ancient Roman soldier’s armor uniquely illustrates the spiritual armor God has prepared for us.
    • Teaches you how to put on the full armor of God and the importance each piece of the armor plays in defeating the enemy.
    • Includes end of chapter questions that are perfect for personal or group study.
    • Is the definitive Bible study on spiritual warfare and is a curriculum staple in Bible schools worldwide

    Learn the significance of your God-given spiritual weaponry and how to be prepared to win your spiritual battle each day, beginning today.  You don’t have to accept defeat anymore once you are Dressed To Kill!

    *Note: full color illustrations are excluded from the e-book format.

    Also Available in these Digital Formats:
    Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Audio Book (through Amazon Audible)

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