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  • Turn Your God-Given Dreams Into Reality


    Rick Renner

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    It’s Time to Live the Dream God Gave You!

    Does your heart secretly long to do something in life you’ve never told anyone about — perhaps not even God? Is there anything you’ve ached to be or achieve that you may not have been honest with yourself about?

    What are the thoughts and desires that fill your mind when your head hits the pillow each night? What secret goals and visions do you dream about when you’re quiet and alone?

    It could be that those dreams you’ve inwardly held — or perhaps even dismissed as pure fantasy — aren’t silly at all, but rather are God’s plan for your life. One thing is certain: God has a detailed design and plan for your life that’s good, that will bring Him glory, and that will provide you with more fulfillment and satisfaction than you’ve ever imagined or dreamed.

    Is God’s plan on the inside of you starting to wake up? 

    God Himself has placed deep in your heart the desires you have to do something significant on the earth — and it could be that those dreams are trying to surface to your mind and your understanding right now.

    I believe in God’s divine plan for every individual. Turn Your God-Given Dreams Into Reality will help you identify God’s plan for your life and show you how to move your dreams from the realm of dreams into the realm of reality!

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