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    What Are Apostles and Prophets and What Is Their Critical Role in an End-Times Church?

    These ministry gifts did not pass away with the last of Jesus’ disciples. Christ gave them to the Church for all time, and they are still “alive and well” today.
    But what are apostles and prophets? Why is there so much controversy, error, and abuse in the Church concerning these ministry callings

    In Apostles and Prophets — Their Roles in the Past, Present, and Last-Days Church, Rick Renner defines these ministry offices biblically and historically, tracing their roles from the Early Church all the way to the present. Filled with vivid illustrations that recount Church history as you have perhaps never seen it, this book answers such questions as: 

    • What signs accompany true apostles and prophets?
    • What defines false apostles and prophets?  
    • Why does Scripture refer to the Church as a vineyard, a body, and a temple?
    • Why you have a priestly ministry to fulfill
    • How apostles and prophets equip you for priestly ministry
    • What is God’s real intention for a last-days Church?


    Are you weary from being tossed around by mind-bending doctrines that leave you weak and disappointed? Would you like to participate in fulfilling God’s masterful plan for the age? This book will fortify you with revelation you can build on! It will equip you to better understand and cooperate with the ministry of the apostle and prophet in this critical hour of the last-days Church.


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