Because of you, we’re able to help children who live with disabilities, giving them regular attention and care. We also provide outings for the families, where parents and children can enjoy each other without the challenges they often face just getting out of the house.

Most of these children with disabilities don’t leave their homes for extended periods due the difficulty of getting around in the vast city of Moscow. So when they attend an event with us that’s designed especially for them, it becomes a truly meaningful time. We host musicals based on Bible stories so that these children can learn about God’s Word and His great love for them.

When you give to RENNER MINISTRIES, we can bring joy to these special-needs children and give them the hope of Christ. This outreach happens because of the support of our partners, but there are so many more children who need your help. If you’re not already partnering with this ministry, will you consider joining us as we continue ministering to these precious young souls?

You can call our office to give or go to to donate online right now. When caring people like you give, we’re able to provide these young people the attention they need — it’s care that delights the heart of God as well!