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  • A Fasted Life – Philip Renner


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    The Supernatural Becomes Natural in the Fasted Life

    If you are searching for more or sense something is amiss in your relationship with God, it is. Fasting is the doorway to fix that!

    Revivalist Philip Renner imparts the revelation that fasting does not change God, but it will mightily change you. It’s not about sacrificing food but a lifestyle of quieting the flesh to say yes to the voice of God.

    From years of fasting practice, Philip shares how fasting will pull you into alignment with God so swiftly and effectively that it unlocks treasures waiting for you all along. In the far deeper relationship with God that fasting creates, suddenly questions are answered, needs are met, and your heart is satisfied.

    A Fasted Life offers…

    • How fasting unleashes God’s power and glory in you
    • Stories of Bible heroes who fasted to receive strategies, activate angels, and halt enemies
    • The pivotal connection between fasting and prayer
    • Common misconceptions about fasting
    • Fasting truths that release breakthrough, healing, favor, and so much more


    Begin the journey of a fasted life where everything you need is waiting in Him!


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