What does the word “anoint” mean? It’s kind of a nebulous term. When it is described you may hear someone say, “Oh, do you feel that?” Or, a song is sung and they say, “That was so anointed!” But, try to explain that! What does it mean? The word “anoint” is from the Greek word chiro that describes the hand and it means to pour oil on your hand, turn your hand over, and press the oil into somebody else. So when you talk about “the anointing,” you’re talking about a “hands-on” experience. For example, when a person sings a song that is anointed, you’re actually saying the hand of God is really on that song, you can feel the presence of it, and something is pressed into us and transmitted to us as a result. Tune into tonight’s Home-Group to learn more about the anointing of the Holy Spirit!