There are countless numbers of homeless people in the world — life and wrong decisions for many have dealt them a bad hand. Because of your giving, RENNER MINISTRIES has created an opportunity for many of the homeless in Moscow to receive help and care several times a week. Your gifts enable us to provide them with hot meals, clothing, and medical attention.

And we share Christ with them! We have seen amazing results on the streets of Moscow, and we plan to expand this important outreach.

If you’re not already partnering with us to reach the homeless in Moscow, will you consider joining us as a partner today? There are so many more who are hungry, hopeless, and open to receiving help and the Good News of Christ. Your gifts enable us to continue reaching them and to increase our reach. When you give, you are bringing the Gospel to the homeless and to the ends of the earth!

We all have a part to play. Our ministry is providing tangible help on Moscow’s streets — and sharing Christ with this forgotten segment of society. But you can help us help them by becoming our partner and supporting this work financially.