RENNER Ministries has been distributing books written by Rick and Denise Renner worldwide for nearly 30 years — publishing the Good News of the Gospel and “teaching all nations” with sound, trusted doctrine from God’s Word.

Thousands of copies have been mailed to date, often free of charge, throughout the former USSR. The costs of translating these books from English to Russian — along with the costs of printing and distribution — have been generously supported by our partners and friends. Today, many of these titles are formatted and emailed throughout the Russian-speaking world.

New titles released (or scheduled to release) in 2019 include: The Will of God — The Key to Your SuccessHow to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy, and Chosen by God (previously entitled, “Say Yes!”).

THANK YOU for your faithful giving so that others can study the Word of God and be enriched by trusted teaching from Rick and Denise Renner. Together, we are changing lives!