The concept of the Rapture of the Church is difficult for some. They think it’s nonsense and that God’s lifting people out of one realm and taking them into another realm is preposterous. But when you see how many people have been transported from the earthly realm into the heavenly realm from the Bible, it verifies that this is not a problem for God! The first instance of this occurred in Genesis 5 when He “raptured” Enoch. And Enoch is in Heaven today, a man who never died according to the flesh! The second instance was Elijah in Second Kings 6. He was transported to Heaven in a chariot of fire. In Isaiah 6, Isaiah was transported from the earthly realm into Heaven, where he saw the throne of God. He didn’t stay there, but he was raptured into the heavenly realm to have that experience. Join us for tonight’s Home Group to learn of several more raptures that took place in the Word of God, plus answers to questions sent in by our Home Group viewers!