Have you ever thought about how you would share Christ with those who can’t hear the sounds of this world?

Life is filled with information that comes to us through sounds — alarm clocks, ringtones, and interactions in the marketplace and at work. To converse with most of the world or to conduct business almost anywhere requires sound.

But when the world of sound is unavailable, the hearing-impaired must rely on alternative methods of giving and receiving communication. They may live in silence, but their hearts cry out for the truth of the Gospel — to be able to “hear” and understand God’s Word — just the same.

The Moscow Good News Church’s Internet outreach — Internet Good News Church — reaches hundreds of thousands each week with trusted teaching from Rick Renner, and ministers daily to those who communicate with the ministry through this massive online outreach.

Recently the Internet church added the outreach of interpretation for the hearing-impaired so that they, too, can hear with their eyes and their hearts the message of God’s redeeming love and His glorious plan for each one of us. We are one of only a few that provides sign-language interpretation in Russian, making us a huge source of solid Christian teaching for the hearing-impaired.

Your giving helps RENNER Ministries continue and expand all our outreaches to all people — even the large population in Russia and surrounding nations who live without sound. Because every person matters.