The challenges for many elderly people include a decrease in independence as they age and an increase in feelings of isolation and despair. But as an extension of your support, we are able to provide these precious souls with new life, despite their limitations, as well as with a sense of community.

We believe in doing our part to honor the elderly. That’s why each week, we hold a free concert for this great generation. Each concert is carefully planned and professionally orchestrated. After they enjoy this event, which includes our giving them gifts of vitamins and other basic necessities for living, they are invited to stay for a Bible study where they hear about Christ!

Through these weekly events, thousands of seniors have accepted Jesus as Lord in the sunset years of their lives. Not only are they finding community and overcoming loneliness, they’re finding true hope in Jesus Christ!

Yes, there are unique challenges the elderly face every day. But you can be a part of the answer to those challenges by partnering with us and helping us help them! Because of your financial giving, we’re able to ensure that this population group is reached with the Gospel message and with regular fellowship among a caring community of believers.