Around the world, there is a huge addiction crisis. You no doubt know of someone who has suffered from or been affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

The cycle of addiction is a terrible thing. Because of the generous support of our partners, we have been able to join with several Christian rehab centers where men and women can receive the medical and professional help they need, be trained to reintegrate into the workplace, and have a support system in place so that they’re not isolated and alone.

We have seen people with Hepatitis C healed, lost family relationships restored, and many who were on heroin, cocaine, and other drugs find freedom and become whole again.

This has been made possible because of partners who support our work!

But there are so many more who need our help. Families pray, waiting for their loved ones to beat their destructive habits. Addicts yearn for freedom, but lack the resources to get into a rehabilitation center for the help they need. When you give a gift of any size, your contribution enables us to continue helping addicts through these outreaches — outreaches equipped not only to help those who are bound beat their addiction, but to help them come to Christ and find the greatest freedom of all.

If you haven’t already joined our family of partners, will you consider becoming a partner with our ministry today and helping us bring freedom and restored hope to those struggling with addiction?

Your support really does make a difference!