It has been almost three decades since Rick and Denise Renner first broadcasted the Gospel over the airwaves in the former Soviet Union. The ministry’s first studio was primitive, but the message was clear. And God gave the increase, enabling His Word to eventually reach millions who had previously never heard the Good News — especially coming to them in their living rooms through their TVs! What had never been done was being done — and look what the Lord has accomplished since those early beginnings!

Today RENNER MINISTRIES broadcasts all over the world, primarily in Russian and English. What goes into studying and preparing for — and filming and editing — these teaching programs is time-intensive and costs a great deal to produce. But Rick and Denise aren’t doing it alone. God has brought together a team that is committed to broadcasting “teaching you can trust” to help strengthen and prepare a last-days Church for the harvest of the earth and the coming of Christ. That team includes you as a partner of this ministry and its outreaches!

Since January 1985, Rick has been busy recording programming that broadcasts over various forms of media. THANK YOU for helping this ministry blanket the world with sound teaching from the Word that people can build their lives on.