Do you really want to be healed? This seems like an odd question for Jesus to ask someone, but He asked the man at the Pool of Bethesda that very thing. Why? Sometimes there are things in our character that stop us from being healed. Very often people have become so comfortable in their infirmity that it’s easier to stay sick than to be healed and to have to change. For example, the man at the Pool of Bethesda had not had a job in 38 years; he had not had any education in 38 years; he had lived on a social system for 38 years. In other words, someone else had fed him. He didn’t have to be concerned about rent or bills. If he received healing, he would have to leave where he was — his environment — and choose new friends. He might have even had to go back to school because so much had changed in almost four decades. He would no longer depend on the system. So it wasn’t just a matter of being whole — healing would change his entire lifestyle. We humans tend to like the familiar. Jesus knew that about this man. He also knew the man needed to be confronted with His honest question. Learn more in tonight’s Home Group about locating ourselves when it comes to divine healing.

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